Hello universe!!!


So after sitting at my computer eating excessive amounts of chocolate and trying to think of what to make my first blog about, I decided it would probably be best just to introduce myself.

Ok here goes.

Who knew blogging could be so scary.


I’m terrified.

What if the internet hates me.

Ok, I can do this.


I shall try my best.

I’m 16 years old, live in England and go by the name of Melon. I’m a hufflepuff and proud. I love rattys. I eat too much chocolate and do too little exercise, but as long as I’m healthy enough to walk to the co-op to buy more chocolate without collapsing, it’s all fine. Spending most of my time watching sitcoms and wishing I was a wizard, my life is of limited interest. But I promise to try and make my blog as interesting as possible. Hopefully finding some other people that can relate with my odd and slightly eccentric views on life the universe and everything, without just dismissing me as a mad girl who should not be allowed to breed.

Have a nice day everyone 😀